Below is the final list of the 11 board members (alpha by last name). It is wonderful to have so many strong members that support the work of the DWC! Thank you to everyone, and as mentioned before, those who will not continue on as board members are always welcome to attend board meetings and get involved in the organization in other ways.

Becky Albert
Heather Chandler
Michael Dobkowski
Lee Hews
Meghan Myers
Ann Peoples
Deb Shangraw
Mike Smith
Phil Spiller
Judy Trepal
Julie York

I want to thank Deb for stepping back in and volunteering to become our President, and Phil and Meghan for taking the roles of VP and Treasurer, respectively. We have a candidate for secretary, but I want to confirm before sharing.

Congratulations to Ann, who won the City Council at large position, and also to Michael Dobkowski on his appointment to Westbrook Environmental Improvement Corporation, which was approved at City Council this week.

img_0425 img_0426