Meetings: 3rd Tuesdays, 4:00 PM, DDW office (752 Main St, enter the right door on the front porch)

The Promotion Committee creates excitement and vibrancy downtown. Image development campaigns, street festivals, parades, and retail events are some of the ways Main Street provides education on what’s downtown and encourages customer traffic. Promotion involves marketing an enticing image to shoppers, investors, and visitors.

Examples from this committee’s work plans: promote downtown Westbrook as a place for recreation and the arts, create business profiles on all downtown businesses, assist with events by other organizations that fit into the DWC’s mission


  • Chair – Judy Trepal
  • Agy Wilson
  • Becky Albert
  • Julie York
  • Karen Dobkowski
  • Meghan Myers
  • Susan McCarthy
  • Tina Radel

Likely Candidates:

  • downtown merchants
  • chamber of commerce members
  • civic groups involved in the arts
  • marketing/advertising professionals
  • teachers of marketing or design
  • staff in advertising or tourism offices
  • reporters and editors
  • graphic designers and artists
  • people who want to be “part of the action”